Foxy Insights are a series of opinion pieces that a normal person (myself) writes about. The parable of the fox and the hedgehog is that the hedgehog knows one thing well, while the fox knows many things. Therefore, when I write my foxy insights, I am not purporting to be an expert pundit on anything (nor am I trying to be sexy); I’m just trying to give insight on a wide range of topics, from feminism and politics, to trivialities and internet culture. A lot of these will probably be highly opinionated rants, but please feel free to try and change my mind or present me with an alternate view, just be logical about it. I may or may not agree with you, as is my prerogative, but I do want to hear it.

To see some of my other series, click here, or check out some of my Foxy Insights:

No, You Really Do Need to Check Your Privilege: A response to the Princeton Privileged Kid Article.


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