Letters to Myself: Dear Self in August 2014

Dear Self in August 2014,

You’ll have just finished another school term. With any luck, it’ll be a busy and successful one, but who knows? I hope you’ve enjoyed it, but there are a few things I hope you’ve done. Most of them have to do with habits. I’ve developed bad ones this term, and they’re going to be hard to break. Sorry; you your work cut out for you.

So, in a nice list form, so you can take satisfaction in checking them off, these the goals I hope you’ve accomplished this term.

      1. Do three 20 minute sessions of cardio and three 20 minute sessions of strength training a week: I know it’s probably not enough to get you totally in shape again, but it’s a start and more importantly it builds a habit. I’d like you to hit the gym before breakfast, but I know you’ll get busy, so just try to do those three sessions a week. Mark it on your calendar!
      2. Discover ten healthy dishes: It’ll be an adventure! You know you’d rather make food in giant batches, because you’re a student. And I’m hoping you’ll develop some healthier, faster, and better alternatives to what you’re eating. Try to make at least three of them vegetarian (Not vegan, there are only so many ways you can cook tofu and soybeans), and hit the farmer’s market for ideas!
      3. Declutter: You will thank me for this when you have to move again. Just try to tackle a box every two weeks and start chucking stuff out, and move most of your craft supplies back to your parents house. Trust me.
      4. Study three hours a week for school related stuff, and keep going to class: I’ve survived (sort of) on brains, cramming, and smart friends. This term, I’d like you to build a habit of just studying and taking notes, and doing more than the bare minimum to stay ahead.
      5. Study three hours a week for professional exam: It’s in six months. You have 120 chapters. The book’s sitting on your desk. No excuses. GO.


We’ll keep it simple for now. There are other things I’d like you to do, but they’re not as important. I want you to have blogged at least weekly, I want you to have tried yoga at least once a week, I want you to have brought lunch at least three times a week (ideally all five days). I would like you to have very rarely left the house dressed casually (I know, exams, but you know dressing well makes you feel better), I would’ve liked if you’d gone to church at least a few more times, and I would like you to attend at least one meeting of all the extracurriculars you’ve wanted to for the past two years. But if you have to choose, do the list first. They’re the important things to focus on right now.

Don’t worry, you’ll still have had fun. You’re back in your city, your courses promise to be…. interesting, if not fascinating, you have your friends again (must be more proactive here). People are planning to visit (eventually – you know who you are…), and you have a huge list of fun dates that you want to do with your (mine? ours? This pronoun business is tricky) boyfriend. You’ll meet new people, you’ll see old friends again, and you’ll still find plenty of time for fun – you always do. Just don’t forget the important stuff.

Here’s to a great term, and let me know how you do,


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