What’s Project 14?

Project 14 is the fancy name that I’m giving to a series of exploratory blog posts I’m going to write about who I am, while I have the time, to start off this whole blogging project. I’ll explore all the typical and a few atypical ways people use to define themselves in context of my own life, and see if I can’t get a decent handle on who or what I am.

Topics, in order, are:
Day 1: Family
Day 2: Childhood
Day 3: Ambitions & Dreams
Day 4: Hobbies
Day 5: Friends
Day 6: Romantic Attachments
Day 7: Body
Day 8: Demons
Day 9: Habits
Day 10: Likes & Dislikes
Day 11: Emotions
Day 12: Personality
Day 12+1: Beliefs
Day 14: World views

Wrap up


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